Why We Funded – Screening

The CDC estimates that about 8% of the U.S. population has diabetes, with about 1/3 of those cases being un-diagnosed. Local statistics indicate that diabetes rates are even higher in Central Ohio. Many people with diabetes do not receive diagnosis until after serious symptoms appear. The Central Ohio Diabetes Association has addressed this need for early diagnosis in part through its community Outreach and Detection Program. However, simply handing a person a blood glucose number is not enough; follow-up and linkage to resources is vital. The program is intended to close the gap between screening and resources.

Through conducting 16,000 blood glucose screenings (primarily in high-risk areas), the funds that MCF provided helped to

  • Train social workers and volunteers to provide personalized follow-up to those participants who screened high;
  • Linked those who screened high to private and community based diabetes care and education;
  • Tracked rate of successful linkage through database;
  • Continued to build partnerships with local resources and track which resources provide appropriate care.

Why We Funded – Scholarships to Camp

MCF provided scholarships to those kids afflicted with adolescent diabetes to attend a summer camp put on by CODA. The camp helps those kids of all ages effected learn to detect, prevent complications, control and live with diabetes.  The programs provided range from typical summer camp experiences to learning sessions that cover topics from insulin administration and blood glucose monitoring to exercise and nutrition.  The Camps are anywhere from just the day to weeklong overnight camps that are tailored to the particular age groups of the various campers.